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WPL 13 ACS classic flex set S

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    SET COMPONENTS: Heat pump and hydraulic module with all relevant heating system components. The highly efficient circulation pump for the heating and DHW sides, electric emergency/booster heater, 24 litre heating expansion vessel, safety valve, quick-action air vent valve and the 3/2-way diverter valve are already integrated. Control is via the integral heat pump manager.

    APPLICATION: Inverter air | water heat pump with output-dependent control, designed as a mono block appliance for compact outdoor installation. Can be used for heating and DHW operation; also provides efficient cooling via circuit reversal. Ideally suited for use in new builds or buildings with a low system temperature. Sold in perfectly matched sets with compact indoor units for straightforward, space saving installation.

    EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: Optimum noise reduction due to encapsulated refrigerant circuit and acoustically isolated compressor. With integral heat and electricity metering via refrigerant circuit data.

    EFFICIENCY: The waste heat from the inverter is used to raise the return temperature. This increases the overall efficiency of the system. Demand-dependent and energy efficient defrosting through circuit reversal.

    INSTALLATION: Accessories for effective condensate drainage are available for both floorstanding or wall mounted installations. Integral anti-vibration mounts for direct connection to the heating system. Easy access to the electrical connection panel without having to open the appliance.

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