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LWZ 304 flex

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    LWZ 304 flex. Integral system with choice of DHW cylinder.

    Flexible DHW convenience. A detached house that offers a high level of comfort usually requires a larger DHW cylinder than those typically offered in the LWZ range. With the LWZ 304 flex, you can take advantage of the benefits of the integral system and at the same time, freely choose the type and location of the cylinder. It can be combined with a 300 litre or even a 400 litre cylinder. The LWZ 304 flex is otherwise the same as the familiar LWZ trend series in terms of structure, connections and function. Like the other models, the LWZ 304 flex has an efficient air | water heat pump for central heating as well as a central ventilation system with heat recovery. It has an integral electronic weather-compensated control unit for control of heating output, DHW output and ventilation. The intelligent control unit is an impressive feature, with preselected programs for fan, heating, DHW and absence/holiday. The contemporary appearance of the latest STIEBEL ELTRON design and an elegant, intuitive touchscreen matrix display provide the perfect finish to this high quality compact solution.

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    Product Number: 235268

    Output at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 4,32 kW

    Coefficient of performance at A2/W35 (EN 14511): 3,40

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