Solutions for new build

All options for top ranking efficiency

The sustainable heat pump concept offers futureproof heat supply options. A heat pump is highly efficient and the heat it supplies to your home is CO2 neutral.

New build – optimising efficiency

From PlusEnergy and passive houses through to low energy houses – those who build a new house today can play in the premier energy league. A highly efficient heat pump is the best decision you can make. Complete systems with integral ventilation offer outstanding convenience, but a separate ventilation unit or heat pump can also make sense.

New build – detached house

Those who build a new house today have the opportunity to optimise their home right from the start in terms of efficiency – and use future-oriented heating technology.

The example shown here is a family house and office, home to four people with 243 m2 of living space.  The homeowner benefited from a highly efficient heating system using the LWZ 404 SOL.  

The facts

  • Built in 2013
  • 4 occupants
  • Detached family house and office
  • Outside walls insulated according to current building regulations
  • Thermal glazing in all windows
  • Insulated roof (U value approx. 0.2 W/m²K)
  • Energy factor: 7 kWh/m² p.a.
  • Operating costs/month incl. domestic electricity usage: €89.00

You ask, we answer: heat pumps use electricity, so can they really be environmentally responsible? Watch the video to find out!

Products for new build

... such as the LWZ 304 SOL from STIEBEL ELTRON


The efficient all in one solution – the LWZ 304 SOL air|water heat pump leaves no wish unfulfilled: heating, domestic hot water and automatic ventilation with heat recovery – all from a single unit. An all-rounder for outstanding comfort and exceptional energy efficiency.