Modernisation for greater energy autonomy

Modernise – to ensure the past has a future.

After all, independence means freedom. This is exactly what you achieve in energy terms with modern heat pumps.

Decentralised energy supply

A one-off investment with long term benefits. With your personal energy transition, you add value to your property and comply with both current and forthcoming energy standards. Existing properties often harbour significant savings potential. Much can already be achieved with suitable insulation of the building envelope. As a complete solution, or to supplement an oil heating system, investing in a heat pump system makes good sense and quickly pays off, especially in older houses.

Security of supply

Climate change, finite oil and gas reserves and the resulting energy price fluctuations: with your personal energy transition, you protect yourself against both foreseeable and unforeseen political developments that can affect energy prices. For example, a heat pump operated with electricity from increasingly renewable sources not only makes you immune to fluctuations in gas and oil prices, but also helps protect the environment.


When you opt for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy technology, you contribute to the responsible use of natural resources. Heat pumps significantly reduce CO2 emissions, with zero emissions at the point of installation. Furthermore, modern ventilation systems with heat recovery retain up to 90 % of the energy that would otherwise be lost through conventional airing through open windows. Combined with a solar thermal or photovoltaic installation, they can be expanded into an extremely efficient overall system.

Can heat pumps be used in older buildings? At our academy in Holzminden, we explain innovative building services in easily understandable terms; for example that heat pumps can, of course, be used in old buildings.

WPL 15/25 – the STIEBEL ELTRON modernisation solution

Inverter air|water heat pumps: energy efficient operation subject to heat demand

WPL 15/25: smart inverter technology

Efficient: heat pumps with inverters run with higher output following night setback, for example. However, during the day, when the room temperature fluctuates by only a few degrees, it operates with significantly lower output.


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Benefits for your home

  • High efficiency due to demand-dependent control of the inverter compressor
  • Increased efficiency through enhanced saturated vapour injection
  • High coefficient of performance
  • Very quiet operation
  • Condensate pan is defrosted efficiently via the refrigerant circuit
  • Time optimised and energy efficient defrosting by reversing the circuit
  • Control via WPM heat pump manager (required accessory)
  • Up to + 65 °C flow temperature possible
  • Low energy consumption due to advanced efficiency technology
  • Versatile combination options with the STIEBEL ELTRON cylinder range