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SNU HOT+HOT 3in1 cr

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    Did you know? Whenever you need boiling water in a hurry, you first have to go through several steps to get there. And that can take some time. The SNU HOT automatic water boiler finally consigns long waiting times to history. Now, boiling water at almost 100 °C can flow straight from your tap without delay. On top of that, the HOT 3in1 tap offers maximum safety too. On the left, a push and turn mechanism makes hot water available immediately, leaving the tap itself cool to the touch. On the right, the mixing lever offers the familiar temperature range from cold to hot. All this comes in a compact design that lets the high grade 5 litre low pressure water heater find a home underneath almost any sink. This perfect combination of small water heater and tap is a perfect alternative to the hot water appliances usually found in commercial enterprises such as offices, shops and canteens.

    Automatic water boiler SNU HOT+HOT 3in1 cr

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 232252

    Connected load: 2 kW

    Height: 421 mm

    Width: 263 mm

    Depth: 230 mm

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