Wall mounted cylinders 30 to 150 l

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    The SHZ LCD series of wall mounted water heaters combines a constant supply of hot water with a high level of efficiency. Three ECO programs mean that efficiency and DHW heating can be adjusted precisely to suit individual requirements. ECO COMFORT mode reduces the temperature automatically to 60 °C. ECO PLUS also reduces the charging level so that only part of the cylinder content is maintained at the required temperature. This is especially useful when only a little hot water is required at a time. The ECO DYNAMIC function enables automatic, intelligent matching to the individual draw-off behaviour. All factory settings are initially configured directly on the digital user interface and are then retained. In addition, the backlit LCD indicates the amount of hot water available, the energy consumption, the temperature currently programmed, and other information concerning the current operating status.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 231251

    Rated capacity: 30 l

    Width: 410 mm

    Height: 770 mm

    Depth: 420 mm

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