High speed hand dryer
Ultronic W

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    Pick up speed

    We’ve built a lot of power into this appliance. The high speed hand dryer has an impressively strong and highly concentrated air flow to dry your guests’ hands in no time. With this appliance, you’re well equipped to provide a reliable service in your sanitary facilities.

    Benefit from air flow on demand

    You don’t need to worry about high consumption. In addition to the short drying time and 
    low connected load, this hand dryer also features on-demand control. The infrared proximity sensor ensures that the appliance only runs when your guests need it. You benefit from top energy efficiency values.

    Find the right design

    A hand dryer should blend in well with its surroundings – and we’ve got you covered on this too. The diecast aluminium casing has won a design award. You can choose between a white or metallic version. Even more elegant is the model with brushed stainless steel effect.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 231583

    Power supply: 1/N/PE ~ 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Rated output: 910 W

    Operating noise: 82 dB(A)

    Air speed: 94 m/s

    Drying time: 15 s

    IP rating: IP 24

    Casing material: Diecast aluminium

    Colour: signal white, RAL 9003

    Actuation type: Proximity sensors

    Height: 289 mm

    Width: 257 mm

    Depth: 234 mm

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