New in 2018: WPL 13 ACS classic

Ideal for detached and semi-detached houses

With the WPL 13 ACS, Stiebel Eltron is adding a further power rating to the popular WPL classic series. The inverter-controlled air-water heat pump for outdoor installation has output of 4.3 kilowatts at an outdoor temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and output of 6 kilowatts at an outdoor temperature of -7 degrees with a flow temperature of 35 degrees. The flow temperature of 60 degrees, which can be reached temporarily in pure heat pump operation, enables a high level of domestic hot water comfort with a large quantity of mixed water. This makes it ideal for heating and water heating as well as for cooling functions in detached and semi-detached houses. Advantages are the high efficiency (coefficient of performance 3.97 for A2/W35), optimal adaptation of the heat output to the demand via the speed-controlled compressor, the compact dimensions and the quiet operation thanks to continuous adjustment of the fan speed and the encapsulated cooling circuit.