ISH press release: air-water heat pump WPL 09/17 ICS/IKCS classic for new buildings

Inverter-controlled indoor installation for heating and cooling

WPL 09/17 IKCS classic with an adjoining cylinder HSBB 200 L – a further new product from Stiebel Eltron. The integral cylinder with 180 litres of domestic hot water and 100-litre buffer cylinder in a housing does not need a controller, primary pump or other technical components. This makes it ideal for combination with heat pump systems that already have these components – such as the new WPL 09/17 ICS/IKCS classic series. The cylinder exchanger surface is also configured to the ratings of the new heat pump series.

Stiebel Eltron is offering a new indoor air-water heat pump series for heating and cooling with power control: WPL 09/17 ICS/IKCS classic is ideal as an indoor pump wherever low acoustic emissions are important. Furthermore, WPL 09/17 is an inverter-controlled unit, which means that it adjusts to the heat demand of the building.

The indoor installation alone ensures greatly reduced noise generation outside. What’s more, the new heat pump is very quiet in operation thanks to intelligent airflow and the sound-absorbing air tubes in the unit. Operation in densely constructed areas is therefore not a problem.

Intelligent details reduce the installation work: these include the simple connection of preassembled air tubes with quick connectors. Two variants are available for maximum flexibility. The classic variant provides for flexible upward airflow. The compact variant features a ventilation module attachment which enables air connection sideways or to the rear and also further reduces acoustic emissions to the outside. Quick and clean assembly is therefore possible. What's more, the high level of integration of the heating components needed is conducive to simple and space-saving installation.

The WPL 09 has heating capacity of 4.2 kW, the larger variant 8.3 kW (each for A-7/W35).