Tempra Plus instantaneous water heater from Stiebel Eltron

Guaranteed preferred temperature at several draw-off points

The Tempra Plus and Tempra Trend instantaneous water heaters from the German electric home comfort and heating specialist STIEBEL ELTRON guarantee maximum hot water comfort with energy savings of up to 30 percent. With the backlit LC display and rotary selector, the hot water temperature can be easily set from 20 to 60 degrees on the unit. The design of the space-saving instantaneous water heater blends harmoniously into the family design of STIEBEL ELTRON.

The Tempra instantaneous water heater can be used to supply several draw-off points simultaneously without any problems, for example the kitchen and bathroom. Thanks to temperature limitation at the push of a button, anti-scalding protection is also provided. Sensors in the appliance permanently monitor the relevant parameters of the hot water temperature. This ensures a constant outlet temperature, accurate to the degree, up to the maximum output capacity.

The water and electrical connections are located at the bottom of the unit for easy installation. The Tempra Plus quality model has 4i technology for highest efficiency and best comfort. Furthermore, the Tempra Plus also has two temperature memory buttons and shows the current consumption values on the LC display.