Stiebel Eltron advances the transition to renewable energies

Clear revenue growth expected

Stiebel Eltron, the “hidden champion” of environmentally friendly heating technology from Germany, is forecasting successful year end results for 2016: brand sales are expected to rise by eight per cent compared with the previous year to €465 million. Rudolf Sonnemann, chairman of the management board, who will leave the company at the end of December, says “We are very well prepared for the coming years. In 2017 we are also expecting growth at a similar level.”

The manufacturer of heat technology products from Lower Saxony benefits from the increased demand for HVACR products, which play a key role in reaching the climate protection targets set by the German government. “The transition to renewable energies can only be achieved with integrated energy”, says Dr Kai Schiefelbein, director of technology. “This means that much greater use must be made of electricity than before in other sectors – for example, heat generation. Heat pumps are the best solution here. Furthermore, when in operation they generate the amount of energy used from the environment many times over.” The Federal Government has also recognised this and taken it into account with the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and an extensive support programme for heat pumps.

“These measures have led to a rise in the sales of heat pumps, which German heating manufacturers are the prime beneficiaries of – and especially Stiebel Eltron, as we focus exclusively on this technology when it comes to heating”, says Sonnemann. Following total sales of €435 million in 2015, the figure will be much higher in 2016 at €465 million. The field of renewable energies is an important driver.

Dr Nicholas Matten, managing director sales and marketing, explains the company’s strategy for the future – and makes it clear that “green technology” has long since ceased to be a purely German topic. “Stiebel Eltron is already the market leader for DHW heat pumps in Australia and is among the top 3 suppliers of heat pumps for heating purposes in Switzerland and Austria – to name just two examples. There is huge potential worldwide.

This is why we want to give the company a much stronger international presence in future, without neglecting the German market.”

“At the recent UN conference in Marrakech, 113 of the total of 193 states already ratified the climate protection targets adopted in Paris”, says
Prof. Dr Martin Faulstich, chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment until the summer of 2016. “The fossil industrial society is becoming obsolete and will be gradually transformed into a green industrial society. Renewable electricity will be the new primary energy here. The environmental technologies needed for this – for example, electric-powered heat pumps – will be successively required all over the world.”