No STIEBEL ELTRON participation in ISH in spring 2021

"A decision we have not taken easily"

In view of the corona pandemic, STIEBEL ELTRON will not be participating in trade fairs during the entire first half of 2021 - and therefore also not in a possible ISH in spring 2021. "We have made this difficult decision based on the available information to our best knowledge and belief. Under the current conditions with the Corona pandemic, we do not see any chance for us to make the experience of the  'ISH fair visit ' possible for our partners from Germany and abroad in the expected high quality", explains STIEBEL ELTRON Managing Director Dr. Nicholas Matten. 

In recent years STIEBEL ELTRON has regularly caused a great stir with innovative and impressive exhibition stands and product presentations. "Once again, we had ambitious plans for 2021", says Matten. "But the entrepreneurial risk is simply too high to set the course for participation and spend money in the hope that the corona crisis will have decreased or at least not increased by the time the trade fair takes place. It is simply not possible to make any serious predictions about what will be permitted in March 2021, how national and international travel opportunities will develop and what measures will be needed to guarantee the safety of visitors and employees alike".

STIEBEL ELTRON continues to see the ISH as the most important worldwide industry event, says Nicholas Matten: "We absolutely support the fair and are already looking forward to welcoming and inspiring thousands of visitors in Frankfurt again, as soon as the situation permits". The interest of trade partners in the company's new products and solutions for renewable energy in building services like heat pumps, ventilation systems and water heaters, is – even in Corona times – still high. "We have therefore massively expanded our online range of training and seminars at an early stage, and those webinars are extremely well attended throughout. In addition, we will organise numerous smaller but very in-depth events, both nationally and internationally, about our innovations and products. Thus, regulations and rules regarding the Corona pandemic can be easily applied in a very flexible manner to enable the best possible experience for our partners and staff".