New instantaneous water heaters capture the market

Exceptionally flat appliances for kitchen sinks and draining sinks.

New flat compact instantaneous water heaters have found their way into Europe’s kitchens and commercial areas. This completes world market leader Stiebel Eltron’s product range of high-performance, space-saving instantaneous water heaters for the average demand for hot water.

The new DCE is available in two designs for installation under the kitchen sink – the DCE compact and DCE compact RC with remote control, and a third model, the DCE H for over-sink installation. The output level of the three models can be set to either 11 or 13.5 kW.

The high-quality technology allows the desired temperature to be variably regulated between 20 and 60 degrees. DCE and DCE RC are particularly suitable for use in the private domain, whether in the kitchen or for higher DHW convenience at hand washbasins. With an installation depth of less than 10 cm, both models leave plenty of space under the kitchen sink for the dustbin and cleaning agents.

The DCE H for over-sink installation is visible above the draining sink in commercial rooms or workrooms and is at eye level of the user. No need to adapt the room, simply choose the right instantaneous water heater for the respective situation of installation. A quick look and turn of the dial and before you know it, the set water temperature (between 20 and 60 degrees) is flowing from the tap.

Another plus: all DCE models are suitable for both unvented and open vented operating mode and can be used without any problems with soft and hard water. Three sensors and an electronic controller ensure that the outlet temperature is kept constant. The integrated protection against scalding is one of the many technical highlights of the new appliance. Other features include the unbeatable advantages of a decentralised hot water supply – a system which chooses the shortest route with installation directly at the draw-off point.