ISH innovation from Stiebel Eltron is square, practical and good

A grade: hot water cylinder makes a quantum leap forward in efficiency

Design revolution when it comes to DHW cylinders at Stiebel Eltron: the new SBBE, in contrast to all other types of cylinder manufactured by the company, has gone for the basic square-shaped storage tank. But that’s not all – the cylinder which is available with 300, 400 or 500 litre capacity is also impressive with the Stiebel-typical elegant cover and integrated display. The technical values certainly don’t take second place to the top-quality design: whilst comparable cylinders may have an energy efficiency rating D or at the most, C, the new SBBE is awarded an A – a quantum leap in DHW cylinder efficiency. This outstanding rating is all down to the extremely low consumption of standby energy of just 1.2 kWh per 24 hours (SBBE 301 WP at 65 degrees), which is mainly achieved thanks to the newly improved insulation technology. That’s almost half compared to previous values.

The SBBE range of DHW cylinders is designed for use in semi-detached and detached houses. Thanks to the attractive design, they can also be installed in the technical room or utility room. They display their strengths when combined with any thermal heat generator, in particular a heat pump. There is even the option to connect an additional solar thermal energy system. Optional fixtures such as for instance additional radiators can be covered and hidden by the depth-adjustable design panel. Unsurpassed ease of use is ensured by the display with digital temperature and status indicator. The hydraulic connections are realised at the back but can also be fed directly upwards using the appropriate accessory. A maintenance-free impressed current anode assures long-term operation.