Heat source with radiant elegance

Design objects which warm you up

See your heating system as an optical highlight: a radiation heating system is definitely something special and fits perfectly in any modern living environment. Whether in the living room, entrance hall or bathroom, the heated glass panels of the design spots emphasise a high-quality spatial look.

The heat output feels very pleasant because it has a direct effect on a person. Even though the room temperature can be set much lower than with other heating systems, the subjective heat sensation of the person makes them feel that the temperature is equally warm. This saves valuable energy. Other advantages include reduced air circulation which normally gives a more pleasant climate in the room, in other words, less dry air and less exposure to dust. The glass panels of the appliance series from Stiebel Eltron are available in black or white or as a mirror version, each with a 300, 500, 700 or 900 Watt connected load.

A radiation heating system is designed to be an additional or transition heating system. It can be easily mounted to walls, either vertically or horizontally. An all-round screen on the back hides the wall bracket and electrical connection.

The mirror version of the glass heating system can replace conventional mirrors in the bathroom. That annoying steaming up of mirrors after a bath or shower is now a thing of the past.