Efficiency rating: A++ for heat pumps

“We’re the label winner”

Would you really buy a B or – even worse – a C? Unimaginable! And we’re not talking about Lefty, the shady salesman in Sesame Street who tried to sell Ernie a letter. This concerns energy efficiency ratings for household appliances – such as fridges, televisions or, before too long, heating systems. As from September, the efficiency rating for central heating appliances will also have to be displayed on a coloured label. And unlike with alphabet salesmen, the information on the efficiency label is not only mandatory by law but it is also real and helpful. “While oil and gas-fired boilers only just manage to get an A-rating, heat pumps will brandish the top A-rating with the relevant plus signs”, says Karlheinz Reitze, managing director at Stiebel Eltron. The company from Lower Saxony in Germany that is synonymous with quality has specialised in the development and manufacture of heat pumps for many years. It is one of the global trailblazers for green technology. “Almost all our appliances will have the best possible rating of A++, and even today many appliances already satisfy all the requirements to be awarded the A+++-rating that will not be available until 2019. We are without doubt the label winners.”

The designation prescribed by the EU will finally shed some light on the discussions about different heating technologies. “Many end consumers do know that a modern heat pump is an alternative to an oil or gas-fired boiler for every home”, explains Reitze. “However when it comes to efficiency, environmental performance and future sustainability, much uncertainty still prevails. Thanks to the label, it will be immediately obvious that the heat pump is the best heating system.” The sector anticipates a noticeable boost, which will be increased further still in early 2016. The expert’s opinion on this: “From 1 January 2016, fossil-fuel boilers will have no further role to play in new buildings. The statutory requirements in the German regulation on energy savings in buildings (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV) will become so much stricter that satisfying them without difficulty and, above all, economically will only be feasible using heat pump technology.”