HP Keymark awarded for another Stiebel Eltron heat pump

European certificate for the highest standard of quality

During ISH, Stiebel Eltron was awarded the second HP Keymark certificate for one of its air-water heat pumps – the WPL 17 ACS classic. The European “Keymark” certification system is already in use for very different products and systems. The “HP Keymark” certification was established for heat pumps throughout Europe last year. The rules for this certificate are subject to European standardisation.

“We have observed some initial successes. Several manufacturers have now been awarded a certificate for their heat pump – it is already recognised in France and we are working on it in Germany and the United Kingdom too”, explains Dr Johannes Brugmann, head of development for renewables at Stiebel Eltron.

As a member of the EHPA board (European Heat Pump Association) and one of the initiators of the HP Keymark project, he underlines: “Among other things, the certificate demonstrates the quality and performance of the heat pump, providing a standard of reference for state subsidies, for instance, and thus an ideal alternative to quality marks in individual countries.”

Compared with a single national quality seal, the European certificate is more difficult to obtain since more quality criteria have to be checked and annual checks are conducted. “If four or five national certificates actually needed to be issued for a heat pump, then the one-off certification in conformance with HP Keymark is definitely worth it, especially in order to be able to sell heat pumps in every market”, says Dr Johannes Brugmann.