ISH press release: New tool: “Augmented Reality”

The digital product is fitted into a real environment: a heat pump instead of a monster

In mid 2016 a new kind of gaming app caused a stir: numerous young people started observing their surroundings through the camera of their smartphone or tablet, their eyes glued to the display. Why? Virtual monsters were inserted in the real environment and had to be found and captured. Augmented reality is the term used for this mix of a real environment and digitally created objects. Although “Pokémon Go” was only used to pass the time, this technology can also be put to practical use: the new Stiebel Eltron “Augmented Reality” app visualises what a product will look like at the planned installation site.

What does the heat pump look like on the facade? Does the hot water cylinder fit in my basement? At what height should I position the new instantaneous water heater? These and similar questions are asked by clients. Thanks to digitalised 3D data of the different products the app is able to fit the unit concerned into a photo of the real environment – with adjustment of the size and perspective. “Of course it makes things much easier for our partners when they are able to show the end customer on a tablet what an air-water heat pump, for example, looks like when installed on the outside wall of the building”, says Frank Röder, head of the planning department.

The pictures of the real environment with the virtual product can of course also be saved as a screenshot for further use. For example, the installation engineer can send an email straight to the end customer from the app with a range of different pictures.